Coming Winter 2020/21

Powderhorn Snowmaking Project

Powderhorn Mountain Resort is excited to announce the groundbreaking of our new snowmaking project. This project will greatly expand Powderhorn's snowmaking infrastructure for the Winter 2020/21 Season. Due to the unique nature of the gravity-fed snowmaking system, this will be one of the most energy efficient snowmaking operations in North America. 

This project will enhance the mountain's snowmaking water supply reliability and create a more consistent skiing surface for better guest experience. 
The water for the snowmaking project is sourced from Anderson Reservoir #2 and will be connected to the top of the resort then distributed to the ski runs. A key benefit of Powderhorn's snowmaking project will be top-to-bottom snowmaking for improved snow quality in early and late ski seasons. The system will also tie into existing pipe infrastructure on Peacemaker, E-Z, and Lower Dude. 

The snowmaking system will be fully automated using brand new Demac-Lenko Titan fan guns and Snow Visual system. Automation allows for better efficiency and gains the ability to utilize shorter windows of snowmaking temperature in the fall. Automation also allows for increased snow quality control and utilizes weather sensors strategically placed along the run. 

The new snowmaking pipeline from the reservoir to the resort will be a combination of above ground and subterranean construction and will parrallel the new Rim View Connector bike trail, slated for completion in 2021. The Rim View Connector trail is a 1.4 mile long trail that will connect the existing Powderhorn Bike Park trails to the existing hiking and biking trails on top of the Grand Mesa, including the upcoming Palisade Plunge

Benefits of the Snowmaking Project

More Snow For Trails

Increases current snowmaking water supply by 2,000 gallons of water per minute, with future design capacity up to 3,000 gallons per minute. This creates top-to-bottom snowmaking for the resort, a long-term snowmaking infrastructure upgrade. Expect improved consistency of skiing conditions on Bill's Run this winter!

Rim View Connector Trail

The pipeline will create the Rim View Connector bike trail, connecting Powderhorn Bike Park trails to the existing biking and hiking trails on top of the Grand Mesa, including the Palisade Plunge. This trail also connects the Bike Park to the existing Grand Mesa mountain bike trail system, a playgound for all biking ability levels. 

Gravity-Fed Efficiency

The nature of a gravity-fed water supply makes Powderhorn's snowmaking operation one of the most energy efficient in North America. Rather than using power to pump water from the base to the top of the mountain as most resorts must do, gravity provides almost all the power needed to feed the snowmaking system, in keeping with our company's commitment to sustainability.

Map of Pipeline

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